My Favourite Colour Studio

Celebrating the aesthetics of our most important pastimes.

At My Favourite Colour Studio, we celebrate our greatest pastimes ... creating an expression of tradition as we remember it from childhood.  We make art to record those moments and communicate a sense of heritage.  It's important to remember where and what we come from, and we are interested in connecting people back to their roots and more importantly to each other. 
Memories of spending time with family ... jammed in a station wagon on those hot and humid road trips back east, camping out west in the Colorado Rockies, taking snapshots on analogue film, spending days at the ball park, eating our favourite childhood foods, and exploring new places around the block or around the country ... these help build the traditions we find important today.  We love to tell the stories that so many people can relate to ... the narratives of nostalgia.
We create colourful impressions of these memories and reconnect to the classics that precede us.  The sights, sounds, tastes, and colours we gather from around the world have melded into our realities and what we seek to pay tribute to as artists.