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Right To Roam

Adirondacks / Canyonlands / Yellowstone

Right to Roam embraces our great freedom to access and explore the natural world.  We were lucky to grow up in families who value adventure, with parents who were eager to load us in the family wagon and hit the open road.  Hiking to remote alpine lakes, wandering along meandering creeks, searching for buried treasure, staring into the glow of a campfire, listening to the howl of a coyote or hoot of an owl, nestling into a sleeping bag as rain falls on the tent… we are free to experience it all.  Right to Roam pays homage to some of the most significant places we ramble… parks that nurture and inspire us to keep on exploring.

For us, and for many Americans, roaming into the wilderness provides a great sense of adventure. Embedded deep within our souls when we were small, this longing to explore has left us craving and pursuing it ever since.  We meander.  We traverse.  We linger.  We get lost.  As humans, we require nature and the spirit of adventure; it grounds us.  It lets us contemplate our smallness, and the vastness of the wild.  Again and again, we find, refresh, and reinvent ourselves. We live in a country that has long sought to advocate for the preservation of wilderness and make it available to all.  For this, we are grateful.

This is our story of roaming the near, far, and across the in-between. It’s our hope that the experiences we share will spark your own memories and serve as a catalyst for adventures to come.  Look.  Listen.  Taste.  Wander.  Explore.  Take it slow and take it easy.  We all have the right to roam.

Forever Wild North Country

Digging into our upstate New York roots, we revisit and interpret memories of the mighty Adirondack Park.  Spanning more than six million acres, we find solace in knowing that we are so small… knowing that, while we aspire to hike every trail or paddle every stream, we never will be able to.  We accept the vastness and slow down to take it all in… day by day, piece by piece.  We travel back east by VW Bus, nice and slow, so we can take in the scenery.  From time to time, the bus breaks down, and even that becomes an opportunity in the adventure, as we just use it as an excuse to stay longer and explore more.  As we chug through the mountains, we stop often and get out to run around, absorbing the colours and olfactory hues of the beeches and sugar maples.  Finally, tired from the work and play, we reward ourselves with a dip in one of the many glassy ponds as the sun sets and the cool of night falls over us.  We retreat to our home on wheels and climb upstairs to gaze at the stars through the canvas poptop.


North Country Fairgrounds (diptych)

Adirondacks Camper Cap

Moose In Buffalo Check

Coleman Lantern

Realm of Rock and the Far Horizon


The desert had been calling our names for quite some time, and we knew we had to go.  We had to go together.  We had done quite a bit of traveling through the southwest: to the Grand Canyon, Moab, and Monument Valley, yet neither of us had ever been to Canyonlands. We follow the lines going south, spotting hawks and falcons flying overhead the entire way, offering a change of perspective.  Once we arrive, we carry our home on our backs.  Packs loaded with essentials to help us navigate the desert, we feel refreshed and free.  We watch the sun sink down into the cracks of the canyon, fading red, orange and then into a deep purple.  The expansive space and colours of the canyon, seeping into our souls, heal our busy heads.  We could sit on that rock forever.  Listening to the crackle of the fire, staring into it’s glow, we are mesmerized by the dance of the flame and ember.  With our dog Luna at our feet, and a blanket of stars wrapped around us, we are home again.


Walking On Pins and Needles (diptych)

Prarie Falcon

Canyonlands Camper Cap

Heartbeat of the Land

Watching the sunlight move across the hazy mist that covers the land, there’s nothing like greeting the dawn in the Lamar Valley.  We brave the early morning chill and begin our slow morning awakening. We brew coffee in our percolator and have a simple breakfast.  With unlimited possibilities for adventure, the day awaits. There’s no place quite like Yellowstone, where the wolves greet the morning with wild howls, buffalo roam freely, and the spotting of a grizzly bear is long hoped for.  The land itself seems to breathe, move, even speak.  It is the very heartbeat of all that is wild.  We have a deep connection to the greater Yellowstone area.  This is where our sister Jo has lived for the last ten years, alongside her beloved husband Jens, who we lost tragically last April, while he was skiing and adventuring in the backcountry.  As we reflect on Yellowstone, we honour Jens Hagen Anderson: a great brother, husband, son, uncle, friend, skier, mountaineer, and fellow adventurer.  Yellowstone is a place we all have visited, revisited, alone, together, and with our family.  It is pure magic.  We are transported away from time to another dimension and yet, there we find ourselves at home. 

Jensie Bear

Overlooking Yellowstone Lake

Old Geyser Grizzlies (diptych)

Yellowstone Camper Cap